Flying Squads 2020

  The facilitators of the Flying Squads old and new across the country wrote up year end summaries of each of our communities. We hope you enjoy them.

The humbling experience of busking for the first time

When Abrome decided to launch an Austin chapter of Flying Squads, we hoped to be joining a fun, liberatory, and supportive community of Flying Squads from across the country (and someday the world!). What we didn’t expect was how seriously they took the fun part. After a big box scavenger hunt challenge that we, along

Just Ask

After a long bus ride to and from Gresham (more on that here) someone pointed out a fabric store just a few blocks from our typical morning meeting place. “I’ve always wanted to go to a fabric store…” one of the young people said. We walked in to a large store, filled on all sides

On a Bus to Somewhere

This morning I pointed out a bus to Gresham. It was met with a chorus of “Let’s go!” “I’ve never been to Gresham before!” I let them know how long the bus ride would be, that Gresham was a smaller town than Portland and there wasn’t as much to do there, and as the bus

Austin joins Flying Squads as a collaborator

Abrome is a Self-Directed Education (SDE) community in Austin, TX, that is now in its fourth year. As Facilitators (adult staff members), we regularly critique our approach to interacting with Learners and building community, as well as how the culture of Abrome is evolving. It was through this process, for example, that we recognized the

Frozen III, or: The Day I Met Joe Leonard

What a start to the New Year (if you’re Gregorian, as someone pointed out in the morning… which then led to lots of “What’s Gregorian?” questions…). And yeah, I made a Disney reference in my title… I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, sorry. BUT wait until you read about Brooklyn Flying Squad’s new hero,

Discussing Social Justice

We spent an hour and a half in the library in the morning discussing social justice issues that are important to us. I think this was in part due to the show we saw last week on artwork by incarcerated people and partially due to a video conference call I had been on the night

No Place for Youth

I walked out of an orthodontist’s office with my thirteen year old yesterday after our first appointment. As we sat on the subway on the way home I said something along the lines of, “I was trying to place the reason as to why that office visit felt so uncomfortable to me and also clearly