Alexander Khost

Flying Squads 2020

  The facilitators of the Flying Squads old and new across the country wrote up year end summaries of each of our communities. We hope you enjoy them.

Frozen III, or: The Day I Met Joe Leonard

What a start to the New Year (if you’re Gregorian, as someone pointed out in the morning… which then led to lots of “What’s Gregorian?” questions…). And yeah, I made a Disney reference in my title… I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, sorry. BUT wait until you read about Brooklyn Flying Squad’s new hero,

The End of Capitalism

Today we went to the Museum of Capitalism, an exhibition at Parsons School of Design (my alma mater!) It was a great exhibition that asks viewers to imagine a future where capitalism is gone and we’re looking back at artifacts from the past.

In Transit

Today we went to the New York City Transit Museum, a Flying Squad favorite. It is also a favorite of mine because it brings back good memories of when my own kids were little and we basically went to the Transit Museum every weekend!

Discussing Social Justice

We spent an hour and a half in the library in the morning discussing social justice issues that are important to us. I think this was in part due to the show we saw last week on artwork by incarcerated people and partially due to a video conference call I had been on the night

Central Park

Today it was gorgeous outside (despite it being mid-November…), and so, we decided to go to Central Park for the day.