Portland Flying Squad

Flying Squads 2020

  The facilitators of the Flying Squads old and new across the country wrote up year end summaries of each of our communities. We hope you enjoy them.

Just Ask

After a long bus ride to and from Gresham (more on that here) someone pointed out a fabric store just a few blocks from our typical morning meeting place. “I’ve always wanted to go to a fabric store…” one of the young people said. We walked in to a large store, filled on all sides

On a Bus to Somewhere

This morning I pointed out a bus to Gresham. It was met with a chorus of “Let’s go!” “I’ve never been to Gresham before!” I let them know how long the bus ride would be, that Gresham was a smaller town than Portland and there wasn’t as much to do there, and as the bus

Anywhere Without Books

One of the young people in the group frequently has a go-to every time we are sitting down to plan our day together: “Anywhere without books.” This is a response to the fact that we as a group keep ending up at libraries, bookstores, or other places filled with books, and this particular young person

The Volacity of a Skate Park

“Do you want to learn how to use one of those BMX bikes?” A facilitator asks a young person, as she watches with curiosity. ”No, but I want to learn to skateboard.” She answers as she runs up and down the halfpipes. There are so many things to learn about in the world. Each individual


We were joined by someone new today, who wasn’t quite sure what we were about, what to expect, or what he wanted to do for the day, but he said he was up for anything. The group listened intently to him, open to anything he wanted to do, not too worried about their own agenda

TFS Portland Wandered the City

“What do you want to do today?” I asked the group, after they had settled in. One person piped up immediately, “There are these staircases all over the city, I don’t know there they lead, I want to find some of them and see where they go.” The others quickly agreed, and we set off

TFS Portland

Welcome to the second week of the PDX Tuesday Flying Squad! This week started once again with energetic chats about books (which the young people have deemed TFS’ “book club”) before moving into a discussion about our nickname possibilities for the group. We landed on “Flying Cats,” but the list of possibilities included “Air Freaqs”