Interested in Starting a Flying Squad?

If you’re interested in starting a squad and joining our collective, please reach out to one of our Flying Squad contacts to have an initial conversation about our philosophy, values, and any questions you have. Here is the list of squads you can contact to set up this conversation:

General Inquiries

By Location

Austin, TX, USA (Antonio Buehler / Lauren Somody)

Brooklyn, NY, USA (South Slope) (Isa Frost / Noah Mayers)

Brooklyn, NY, USA (Sunset Park) (Karen Duek)

Grand Rapids, MI, USA (Annie Friday)

Key West, FL, USA (Rhonda Saunders)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Racquel Smith)

Greenville, SC, USA (Jeana Jones)

Portland, OR, USA (Bria Bloom / David Jacobo)

Seattle, WA, USA (Susan Milton)

Philadelphia , PA, USA (Jean Finlay / David O’Conner)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Sonia Khost / Alexander Khost)

St. Louis, MO, USA (Sarah Wallus Hancock)

Flying Squads in a park