Discussing Social Justice

We spent an hour and a half in the library in the morning discussing social justice issues that are important to us. I think this was in part due to the show we saw last week on artwork by incarcerated people and partially due to a video conference call I had been on the night

Central Park

Today it was gorgeous outside (despite it being mid-November…), and so, we decided to go to Central Park for the day.

Gone Toilet Bowling

About a year ago, Tuesday Flying Squad decided to go bowling. We decided to go to Shell Lanes, out near Coney Island. During our first set, the ceiling a distance away broke open and a pipe started leaking. It soon became clear by the smell that this was a pipe leaving the bathroom toilets… The

Tattoos for Children

C is the Head Instigator of the United Pranking Association. He is also an eleven year old who attends Friday Flying Squad. I promised him that before the end of the year we would pull off the best prank ever: find a tattoo parlor to give him a fake tattoo and send the photos to

No Place for Youth

I walked out of an orthodontist’s office with my thirteen year old yesterday after our first appointment. As we sat on the subway on the way home I said something along the lines of, “I was trying to place the reason as to why that office visit felt so uncomfortable to me and also clearly

Hugs in the Park

It was your average Tuesday Flying Squad day… including hugs in the park, we laughed, we cried. Entertainment for the whole family.

Free Samples! Free Samples!

A vampire walked down the street today shouting “free samples,” handing out vegan cookie pieces to passersby. He happens to be a member of Friday Flying Squad.

Anywhere Without Books

One of the young people in the group frequently has a go-to every time we are sitting down to plan our day together: “Anywhere without books.” This is a response to the fact that we as a group keep ending up at libraries, bookstores, or other places filled with books, and this particular young person