Frozen III, or: The Day I Met Joe Leonard

What a start to the New Year (if you’re Gregorian, as someone pointed out in the morning… which then led to lots of “What’s Gregorian?” questions…). And yeah, I made a Disney reference in my title… I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, sorry. BUT wait until you read about Brooklyn Flying Squad’s new hero, Joe Leonard!

So, we started out the day in the library as usual and came to the (very expensive) decision to go ice skating to celebrate the New Year. I forgot that M hates ice skating because he apparently once saw someone get their finger cut off by an ice skate, which is why we had never gone before…

We walked a LONG way through Prospect Park to get to the rink. It was the perfect day for a long walk and the perfect day to go ice skating.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we “found kisses” along the way. This is an inside joke from a year ago when we went bowling (and the ceiling burst open and a pipe leaked poop, truly, and we kept bowling any way (equipped with air freshener), but that’s another story for another day!) and found a sign outside the alley for a missing bird named Kisses who was missing. We have been walking around the streets of Brooklyn ever since asking for “Kisses.” And today R found it/her/them(?).

So, yeah, we went ice skating. And D made a snowperson.

But then someone found a discarded hockey puck with the name “Joe Leonard” written on it. We began to joke for some reason that it must be a really expensive hockey puck with Joe’s signature on it and that Joe Leonard must be some SUPER famous hockey player. And then, as a joke, I did an internet search for Joe Leonard and found at that there really IS a hockey player named Joe Leonard who was FAMOUS! (Okay okay, the really famous player is actually named John Leonard, which I didn’t let on about, but there is a Joe, and it looks like they are at least a pretty good player?! (I know nothing about hockey, can you tell?))

So, then we started making all sorts of Joe Leonard jokes and pretended to be Joe.

And then, as one does, signed people’s hands as such (I may have had a hand in that happening, yes, pun intended.)

And then, because it was so beautiful out, we decided to walk the length of Prospect Park back to HQ (for those that don’t know the walk to and from the ice skating rink, it’s about 4-5 miles total the way we walked it). We had to go around the lake, where we discovered that D is a Goose Whisperer, or really, Shouter. She screamed at the geese to follow her, and they literally followed her the entire length of the lake (which gave me nightmare of the time a swan attacked me in that very same spot… yeah, another story for another day…)

So, if you run into the real Joe Leonard, please let them know that we’ve got their puck, and we’re sorry. In the meantime, we’ll keep signing autographs for them. Look for us where the geese flock.

Oh, and I forgot the most important point: we got M to ice skate (or rather, cling to a wall with skates on? That’s a joke for you, M, since you’re the only one who reads this blog anyhow!) He overcame his fear of the infamous finger chopped skate incident and borrowed my skates (after refusing to get on the ice and having not rented his own) and spent a good hour going around. That was the true success of the day. Well, maybe finding Kisses was just as exciting? I don’t know.