The Perfect Day

By my definition, today was the Perfect Day (I’m glad I spent it with you…)

My son James was ecstatic about introducing us to buns as “light as clouds” at some shop he had discovered in Chinatown. He rallied enough votes to get us to start the day out there. We took the subway to Chinatown guessing at James’ location of the place, “It’s near the Manhattan Bridge, over by that corner, you know, where there’s a dragon…” I literally use James as a guide to New York City now, and so, I had faith he would find the place.

Without one wrong turn, he took us onto a side street off Canal and into a tiny little door down a hallway that I never would have guessed led to a store. As T said to me a few minutes later, “I feel like we’ve entered the Twilight Zone.” It was definitely a very different feeling of New York than the every day life of our crew. And it was clear everyone was excited to have a hint of this new one.

James was right, the buns were as light as clouds and delicious. We each had one and then planned our new move. The intention was to make it to Pier Six back in Brooklyn, and T sneakily got us all to walk the Manhattan Bridge back over. It was the most beautiful day out, and so, the walk was perfect. I have little T a dare to “clippity clop” skip across the entire bridge. He exclaimed to me half way across, “I had no idea this bridge was so long!” I asked around to realize that nearly none of the kids had ever walked the bridge before.

As we got off the bridge there were many complaints that legs were going to fall off and this is as tired as a person can get! So we decided on Pirate Ship Playground in DUMBO instead of Pier Six. Miraculously, all of those exhausted little bodies resurged for many rounds of Friday the 13th before we had to head home.

On the subway ride back Z dared me to get the train car’s attention and sing the My Little Pony theme song at the top of the lungs, which she very happily videoed. By the time we got back to headquarters, the whole gang looked exhausted with a smile on their faces like only a perfect day could have given them.