Tattoos for Children

C is the Head Instigator of the United Pranking Association. He is also an eleven year old who attends Friday Flying Squad. I promised him that before the end of the year we would pull off the best prank ever: find a tattoo parlor to give him a fake tattoo and send the photos to his parents. And that was a good part of what we did today.

After casually asking around for about two months we got a lead: one of the kids who goes to the same homeschool coop that the Flying Squads are run out of has a dad who owns a tattoo parlor. I wrote to him, “I don’t know the legalities / liabilities of bringing a minor into a tattoo parlor and fake giving him a tattoo, but if you would be up for the idea, we would GREATLY appreciate it…” He delightfully responded, “HaHa Sounds awesome to me! I would be happy to help you guys out with your prank tattoo!” The rest is history.

Afterwards, I texted C’s parents some photos with the text, “I hope it’s cool, C has been begging me to get him a tattoo. I signed for it but now I am realizing maybe I should have checked with you first? If you’re upset, maybe we can do another hot chocolate stand to raise money to remove it?” His mom’s immediate reply, “If I wasn’t dialed into the Pranking Club and if I didn’t know you as well, I would have been fooled.” Ah well, still a good prank!

Many MANY thanks to Jae at Electric Lotus Tattoo for going above and beyond the call of pranking. He not only gave C a tattoo, he added fake blood, did a money exchange photo, and included a “How to care for your tattoo” pamphlet as we left. Readers, go get your next tattoo from Jae!

(Oh yeah, and then some bonus photos of the Flying Squad stuck in baby swings, because, you know, what else can you do after getting an eleven year old a tattoo?)