Free Chocolate, Strombolites, and Yurt Meditation

By far, this was the best Friday Flying Squad day yet (for me at least!) I’m not even sure where to start…

…so: first C gave himself additional Hub tattoos (praise Hub) in the library. Then it was decided that something “fun” was necessary for the day after last week’s hot chocolate sale hard work. After much research and debate, we ended up deciding that we would go to the arcade in Industry City. On the way we stopped at a community garden and ate the spicy leaves of some flower whose name I forget.

Aaaaand then the arcade wasn’t open (despite what their website says!) So, we sat down at a table to have a snack and decide what to do, and essentially, we never left the table!

We were outside a fancy supermarket and across from a chocolate factory. We looked into the chocolate factory (but sadly did not see any Oompa Loompahs) and saw that they were giving out free samples. So everyone went in and grabbed one (or two or three). Then we sat back down in our seats, and I told them the story about how, when I was a kid, we would scope out the best house for trick or treating. At the end of the night we would go back to that house but swap parts of our costumes before entering so that hopefully they would not recognize us as we entered for more candy.

Of course, this led to everyone swapping clothes and hats and going in for more free samples (see my spy camera photo below). The woman behind the counter began laughing and said, “You’re all changing clothes!” So we decided not to push our luck after one extra helping and moved our focus to the supermarket on the other side of the table.

I began giving dares like, go up to the cheese counter and ask if they make their cheese stinky by rubbing it on their armpits, which received laughter from the person behind the counter (apparently we were helping to give Industry City employees a good day). Then a mission was organized and set into action to go up to the food counter and to order “Strombolite.” But not by one but four people, giving about a five minute delay between orders. On the third order request, they went back to ask the manager if they carried “smoked Strombolite.” The finale was when we convinced A, the new adult facilitator to go up and ask if they carry “vegan Strombolite” (see the photo below of A waiting in line to ask!) Something about the addition of an adult asking made it that much funnier (to us, from them poor A just got a deadpan, “no.”)

And what does one do after ordering Strombolite from a food counter? Well the only obvious choice, of course: go meditate in a yurt with stinky cheese between your eyes. Don’t believe me? We’ve got photographic evidence of that one too! C decided that stinky cheese middle eye mediation should be a new practice in Hubbism (the fake religion we created), bringing the day full circle.

May the blessed bubbles of Hub give you all a splendid weekend ahead.