Free Samples! Free Samples!

A vampire walked down the street today shouting “free samples,” handing out vegan cookie pieces to passersby. He happens to be a member of Friday Flying Squad.

We decided to sell vegan hot chocolate and vegan chocolate chip cookies today. The idea was to go to City Hall and to sell them alongside the Fridays for Future activists. Unfortunately, by the time we got all of the supplies we needed, we were so late, I didn’t think we could make it so City Hall in time (and be back to HQ in time for the Halloween Party later in the day… hence the vampire costume…) And so, we decided to instead sell them outside JJ Byrne, a park not far from HQ. The thinking was, there are rich Park Slope people and a middle school right there, and so, this would be a good spot to sell. That was mistake number one.

Mistake number two was that it ended up being t-shirt weather out, and so, hot chocolate was less than popular. We did end up breaking a small profit, but unfortunately, not what we were hoping. In any case, we decided to donate 25% of our proceeds to Extinction Rebellion NYC, the other 75% is TBD. In reflecting on my thoughts about not imposing social justice issues onto children in last week’s post, I think we did a good job of making it a healthy balance this week.