A Place of Our Own

Today we spent most of the day working on our houses in Prospect Park. It’s fascinating to me how simple the group’s needs and desires are– they simply want a place of their own to care for and develop and dream of– and yet how difficult it is to find that space.

At one point, I was helping to hammer in a wooden stake (someone found discarded) into the ground. A park ranger heard the noise and came over and told us it was fine to build in the area but that at the end we would have to take down what we built. When I inquired as to why, he explained that a homeless person could use it as a shelter.

After he left, the group asked me what he wanted / said. I explained to them the situation and explained how he said a homeless person could use it as a shelter. Immediately one of the young people challenged me in a loud, upset voice, “So what?! So what if a homeless person wants to live here? Shouldn’t they have a place to sleep too?”

Indeed. Every week comes with such beautiful conversations and questions… and challenges for where young people can find a place of their own.