TFS Portland – Scavenger Hunt, Bookstore, Independent Printing Press

We started our week off with a challenge from Brooklyn Flying Squad: a scavenger hunt at Target! We set off to find out who could collect the most items off the list that Brooklyn TFS had created, in a Target, in 30 minutes. We set the timer, hit go, and began to look around the store, trying to find creative ways to fulfill the items on the list, and laughing all the way… we got 15/20 items, and are waiting to hear from Brooklyn to see who won.

We then headed to Mother Foucault’s Bookshop, a small independent book shop that none of us had been to. It was filled with old books, classic fiction, and a whole shelf of Foucault. We got absolutely absorbed in the book shop, and spent time playing the piano, reading White Fang, finding books full of writings from long past presidents, and looking through old pictures in history and art books.

As our time got away from us, we realized we only had an hour left, and needed to take off soon if we wanted to make it to our final destination: The Independent Publisher’s Resource Center. We walked in and realized it was a place where members could pay a fee to use the resources there. We asked if it was OK if we took a look around, and they said of course, and offered us a tour, which the young people responded to with an enthusiastic “yes!” They had a zine resource library, with hundreds of zines on social issues, politics, civil protest, and more. They had screenprinting machines, a letterpress studio, and many resoruces for making stickers, letters, zines, shirts, and other hand-made items.

We left the publisher’s resource center feeling inspired to create our own PDX Flying Squad stickers, and appreciative that they had shared their space with us and given us a tour.

We arrived back at our meeting place with a few minutes to spare, and started to brainstorm a long list of challenges that we could send to the Brooklyn Flying Squad… stay tuned for which challenge we pick!