FFS Brooklyn

Today was the first ever Friday Flying Squad! We met in the library and talked a bit about what we want Fridays to look like and what social justice issues are important to us (the focus of Friday’s squad is social justice based). We talked and talked and talked… and began to get antsy!

So we decided to leave the library and to find something to do while we worked more on our plan for projects. We stopped at a deli for food and stood outside trying to come up with somewhere to go. Someone said they loved the Museum of Math and got a bunch of ugly stares and exclamations of, “Math?! Ew!”

“It’s really fun! I promise!” came the reply. I backed up the claim, we realized we were standing right next to a B/Q train station, which would take us right there, and so, we hopped on the train and off we went to MoMath with a few people still in doubt…

…those people in doubt ended up being the ones I could not get out of the museum at the end of the day! We built with blocks, made tile patterns, drove cars around Möbius strips, shot basketballs out of a canon, and so on. Then we geeked out for a bit with some of the museum employees who told us all about different mathematical theories (my favorite was the one about the chaos of predicting how a deck of cards would fall onto a table if you dropped them…)

Finally we sat in a park and ate our lunches and talked about projects for the future. We came up with three: one idea is to visit public schools to compare forms of education for research, the next idea is to write a book for youth activism and hand out free copies to young people, and the last idea is to collaborate with climate activists on a climate change performance art piece.