TFS Portland

Welcome to the second week of the PDX Tuesday Flying Squad!

This week started once again with energetic chats about books (which the young people have deemed TFS’ “book club”) before moving into a discussion about our nickname possibilities for the group. We landed on “Flying Cats,” but the list of possibilities included “Air Freaqs” and “Air Clowns.”

Our first destination was the Portland Aerial Tram, a four minute trip that takes us up 500 feet and spans neighborhoods. The group had never been on the tram, and deemed it a bucket list item for as long as they’ve been in Portland. Even the person in the group who said they were afraid of heights couldn’t wait to face their fear on the aerial tram. It was as enjoyable as we hoped for and offered a wonderous view of the city.

We meandered down to the waterfront next, climbing over rocks, playing on the beach, and stopping to marvel at anything that caught our eyes. We ate lunch in a serene park near a family-owned cafe, whose young children were running around alongside us.

We then landed at the Salmon Street Fountains. The flying cats had just begun to put their rain jackets on and started to run through the fountain, when the rain started. It was a pure downpour for about ten minutes, but the rain did not dampen our spirits. Quickly the boardwalk was covered in puddles that we jumped in and ran through, and it was then that the young people started excitedly exclaiming how wonderful a day this was.

Every inch of the city seems to offer something to explore, and what is regularly a 30-minute walk to Couch Park, a local favorite, turned into a two hour adventure along the water, the beach, and through the city streets. We ended at the park, playing and talking excited about the day’s events.