TFS Brooklyn

Today was the first day of Tuesday Flying Squad Brooklyn, year two. We started out with all of the original members of the Flying Squad from last year minus one and picking up one new member.

We started out in the library making the cover for our new journal and writing our first journal entries. Some of us chose new fictional names for ourselves in the journal (we each use the “Bumpo” lastname, after Natty Bumpo, the name of a fictional character who is depicted on the front of the library we meet at each Tuesday morning).

Then we headed to a community farm for a quick tour and got to pick some veggies from off the vine. Then we headed off for our usual deli visit.

Next we headed to Fort Greene Park to play hide and seek. We finished up the day playing Everybody’s It and then headed back to Headquarters on the G train.

Walking home with two of my children tonight, both of whom attend FS, I remarked how strange Flying Squad can be for me. Having grown up “schooled,” sometimes it just seems like we are… hanging out and playing and being together (dasein). They both looked at me with an expression of, “Well, yeah, of course that is what we do.” And I sort of laughed and said that, despite being the initial instigator of all of this, I can forget just how much being together and community means and how much practice that takes in order to get it right.